MGPC Rebranding

Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company has a rich heritage and legacy. Established in 1979, Andrea Grossman pioneered the decorative sticker industry. Andrea’s innovative “Stickers by the Yard” sticker rolls, followed by the boom and popularity of scrapbooking, gave the company years of growth and success. However, as scrapbooking declined in 2006 and since, Mrs. Grossman’s struggled to re-establish its market presence and was now in need of fresh visuals and new positioning to emerge as a specialty purveyor of high-quality stickers.

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In researching MGPC’s early visual history from 1980 to the mid 1990's, I discovered strong graphics and branding originated by Andrea Grossman (who studied as a graphic designer at Art Center in Pasadena, CA) that demanded reconsideration. Years ago MGPC had used a signature logo that was literally just that—Andrea’s penned signature. The authenticity and sincerity of this logo was powerful, and so the previous MGPC logo—with its rough edges and unmistakable similarities to the outdated and overused Papyrus typeface—was abandoned. In this signature logo, the heart element (in homage to the first sticker Andrea created, a heart) is tucked into the signature to act as an apostrophe and pop of color.

I discovered a tin pencil case in an archive box in the MGPC warehouse that was manufactured in 1987 exclusively for a key Japanese account. Printed on the case bottom was a wonderfully appealing brand stamp comprised of silhouettes of many of the company’s earliest sticker designs.

I noodled with the 1987 brand stamp to create a modernized version with simplified silhouettes, a few circular rules, and the central addition of California state icon to reference MGPC’s 38-year history of producing stickers here in northern California.

The signature logo and brand stamp were key players in the rebranding of sticker strip backer cards. A hefty horizontal black bar was also employed as a visual anchor to separate the branding header from the actual sticker strips. I composed a company mission statement of sorts that I shared with Andrea Grossman (retired, but always willing to critique!) for her blessing before going to press.

Previous branding (left) and new branding (right)

The bear was one of Mrs. Grossman’s original 10 sticker designs.

The back flap of this sticker book offered an opportunity to use several brand elements to asist in telling Grossman’s story: the bear (animated with a friendly wave and greeting), company mission statement, legacy seal, and endpapers flooded with a tonal wallpaper of vintage sticker icons.

Proposed canvas tote

Branded shipper box

Trade Show booth backdrop and overhang