Flora and the Flamingo

For a wordless picture book, Flora and the Flamingo made a real statement as recipient of a 2014 Caldecott Book Honor.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with author and artist Molly Idle on the project. She was an incredibly open and generous collaborator. So open, in fact, that Idle embraced my suggestion to retitle the book Flora and the Flamingo (When acquired, the book was named Flamingo Dancing).

Given the ample white space throughout the book interior I wanted the cover design to enjoy a flood of color in contrast. The novelty element of flaps in a book can be considered "down market," so I attempted to counteract this judgment by designing a traditional cover composition with a classic-feeling cameo feature.

The Caldecott Honor, critical praise, and strong domestic and foreign sales (Italian, Spanish and French editions were printed) thrust Flora into a best-selling franchise for Chronicle Books.