Rainbow Collection

Costco Japan is a key account for Mrs. Grossman’s, accounting for 330K of sales in 2016. We sell a single sku to Costco clubs in Japan—a clear clamshell format holding 23 rolls of stickers. The Buyer at Costco reported that sales of our clamshell had begun to slump in Q4 of 2017 and that he was considering replacing the Grossman’s assortment with a competitor’s mega sticker set.
We were given a week by the Buyer to submit new concepts, but with several stipulations: we had to retain a clear, see-through container (no carton boxes, etc.), we had to continue to offer the stickers in a rolled format, and we had to keep the current pricing terms in place with Costco Japan.
Given these challenges, I focused on a purely design-driven concept informed by curation and trend. The Buying team at Costco Japan had previously selected which sticker designs it wanted to feature in their quarterly clamshell assortments, and I’d often felt their selections weren’t cohesive. In proposing the Rainbow Collection assortment, I hoped to demonstrate that the visual appeal and irresistibility of the assortment could be greatly increased by curating a color coordinated assortment in which each row showcased stickers set in a color from a rainbow. Rounding out the clamshell header to align with the extra large rainbow visual and title lockup were additional touches that did win over the Costco Japan Buyer. The Rainbow Collection is set to debut in Costco clubs in Japan in Q2 of 2018.

  • Role Concept • Design
  • For Costco Japan Custom Product